About privateteacher.ae

privateteacher.ae was founded by Jake Borland & Richie Lewis in 2017.

The idea came from the working as freelance English teachers around world and often struggling to find regular students to enable them to work full-time. Both had tried many platforms but were disappointed with the service and the low number of enquiries.

Most of the other portals offering a similar service to teachers aim to have a large number of teachers of teachers on the platform. These websites believe that the more teachers they have the better the service they are offering is. Richie and Jake found that this was maybe beneficial to the website but at the detriment of the students and the teachers.

Too often students are overwhelmed with the number of teachers on these websites and they're not sure who to contact. And teachers feel like they're one among hundreds fighting to get an enquiry or two if they're lucky.

The goal of privateteacher.ae is to provide quality language teachers to students in the United Arab Emirates and establish a strong portal for teachers providing them with regular enquiries to work as freelancers.

How does privateteacher.ae achieve this?

We have created a website featuring every city in the United Arab Emirates and offer the most common languages people want to learn. When a teachers applies to be on privateteacher.ae, we ensure that they are qualified and experienced teachers who will bring value and good training to students looking to improve their language skills.

Each language in each city can only have a maximum of 10 teachers. This offers students a goos selection of private teachers whilst not overwhelming them with hundreds of unqualified and unexperienced teachers.

It is our job to ensure that all teachers are good enough to help students improve their language skills.

As a new service we aim to satisfy a need in the language learning market. If you have any comments or feedback regarding privateacher.ae, please feel to get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

Jake Borland
co-founder of privateteacher.ae